Rural Depression
First off Id like to say I admire ur individuality. It takes courage to truly be urself in a world that pressures u to appeal to the social norm. Kudos to you. My question is what do u do for employment/finances? I imagine many employers won't even give u a shot based on ur appearance so I was curious how u deal with this.





Even though it clearly states in header of my blog that I am a professional body piercer, I will address this question.
You are right, if I tried to get a job at McDonald’s right now I wouldn’t have a chance. But that is why I waited until I had a Career as a professional body piercer to get my face worked on. I honestly have never had trouble getting jobs in the past as my resume is impressive as hell. I also have a college degrees from Umass boston. I have been a personal trainer, a soldier, a bouncer, and even on the corporate side of the snapple corporation. I really hate questions like this because just because someone is highly modified doesn’t mean they don’t have there shit together. Which no matter how nice you ask it is still implied.
So no I have never had trouble getting a job. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and get your face tattoo’d without having a career or being finically stable.

College degree , skilled labor (funeral directing)with management skills here. Also run a piercing business w my wife

Three years worth of Electrical Engineering education, Skilled labor - computer systems repair/networking, and 7 years worth of retail inventory and logistics management, including floor planning and performance statistics monitoring for electronics giants.

"Just because someone is highly modified doesn’t mean they don’t have their shit together".

Major in musical theory and composition, and a degree in graphic design. I also used to co-own and manage a recording label back in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s.

College level fine art/anthropology educated, years of retail/stage management, nursing student and CNA. 

As Safe As Houses Series.2014.

As Safe As Houses Series.

Converge - The Saddest Day
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And I know this ghost

I have seen it before.

Converge - The Saddest Day





…Near the village of Braachaat, outside Antwerp, Belgium. The last photo shows a grotto-like cave under the mansion that may have been used as a bar in the past.